Sharir Kriya (Physiology) Department gives special and detailed knowledge of normal physiology of humans from to the Ayurveda and Modern aspect with sufficient practical knowledge.

Swasthasya Swastha rakshanam
aturasyas vikar Prashamanam cha.

To fulfill the first objective of Ayurved Shariskriya emphasizes the concept of dosha (Tridosha) Dhatu, Mala, Updhatu, ooze, mana, Atma, etc.

  • Dosha Dhatu mala Siddhant provides complete knowledge to understand how the body digest and metabolizes food into simple forms.
  • Ayurveda emphasizes that every individual has a distinctive body for knowing this uniqueness of every individual Prakriti Parikshan (Analysis of body and mind) described. This is the specialty of the Kriya Sharira department.
  • Keeping this also give the knowledge of Astavidha, dashavidha examination of healthy people under this department.
  • Well-furnished and equipped physiology laboratory with all modern instruments, stethoscope, microscope thermometer Ph meter, etc for a clinical study. Experimental tests of blood and urine are also conducted in the physiology lab.
  • Department having all essential charts, models, specimens.
  • All faculty members are provided with a computer and internet connection.
  • Electronic media is for auto-visual teaching and practical knowledge.


  • Theoretical and practical teaching of all the concepts and functions of the living human body from Ayurvedic Perspective and also prescribed syllabus of NCISM.


Trained the students in the Basic concept of Kriya Sharira (Ayurvedic Physiology) and the Basic concept of Modern Physiology using innovative methods.

  • To provide quality education and a Scientific approach at UG level students to polish their skills.
  • Developing the Departmental labs for various research.
  • Also Increases the professional skill of students in practical aspects to stand in the clinical practice.

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