The success of treatment can begin only after perfect knowledge of any disease. Therefore, diagnosing a disease is always a prime process in the management of any disease

Department of Roganidana evum vikriti vigyana glints over the concepts propounding causative factors of the disease and its pathology which will be leading to the manifestation of disease in Ayurveda.

It avails of numerous investigatory methods of disease clubbing both laboratory and radiographic diagnostic modalities in modern and as well as the Ayurvedic perspective.

Sages with keen prescience have been noted down the different causes, signs, symptoms, pathology of diseases long before in Samhitas and thereby it enlightens the need and scope of the same.

The branch explores the utility of basic concepts in diagnosing the disease and thereby paving ways for treatment

Students will perform bedside physical examination, detailed history taking by regular observation of the patients, various laboratory investigations, and study the usage of different diagnostic tools like X-ray, ECG, USG, MRI, CT.


  • Excelling in Roga and Rogi Pareeksha, thus making a possible effort in early diagnosis of a disease


  • To gift the best doctors to society with thorough knowledge of Theory and bedside knowledge of the disease.

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