Kaumarabhritya / Bala roga (Pediatrics)

Kaumarabhritya / Bala roga is one among the Ashtanga Ayurveda which deals with the child care both preventive and curative. It deals with care of child since from conception to till maturity. It focuses on the treatments of the neonates, infants and children. The discipline of Kaumarabhritya finds a parallel in the modern discipline of pediatrics.

Kaumarabhritya department aims at improving the health of the children across the globe with upliftment of future population. Department provides an academic and clinical learning experience about the common problem encountered in navajatha shishu, Bala and Kumara that will enable scholars to be competent in Child health care system. Department also supports creative learning , research activity and community health activities.


  • To create a community with adept, prospective and responsive parenthood through healthy children and adolescents


  • To create a healthy generation through novel native evidence-based child care practices.
  • To improve nutrition, immunity and health through time tested Ayurvedic resources
  • To achieve academic excellence in Kaumarabhritya
  • To promote clinical practice of Kaumarabhritya
  • To treat common childhood illnesses through simple Ayurvedic Medicines.
  • To develop evidence based research data on various practices of Kaumarabhritya
  • To develop globally acceptable standard treatment protocols.

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