With the grace and blessings of Shiva Avatar Mahayogi Guru Gorakshanath Ji and With the loving inspiration and blessings of Sant Shiromani Goraksha Peethadheeshwar Param Pujya Brahmalin Mahant Avaidyanath Ji Maharaj, who had a dream resolution towards the betterment of education, the present Peethadheeshwar of Gorakshapeeth and the successful Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Param Pujya Yogi Adityanath ji Maharaj has established Guru Shri Gorakshanath Institute of Medical Sciences, Arogyadham, Sonbarsa, Balapar, Gorakhpur by developing Mahant Digvijaynath Ayurveda Hospital with the superhuman efforts and resolve, This institute has all the medical facilities in a multi-dimensional Ayurveda centered natural environment.

Like the foundation stone in the said institute, the purpose of the institute established with the spirit of selfless human service with pure conscience is to strive for continuous service for all mankind and to provide a healthy life.

In Guru Shree Gorakshanath Institute of Medical Sciences, Arogyadham, Sonbarsa, Balapar, Gorakhpur, the basic structure of the traditional system of Ayurveda has been developed on refined and ideal standards. Every effort has been made to establish all the eight forms of Ashtangahridayam as eight departments mentioned in Ayurveda. In which Kayachikitsa, Kaumabhritya, Graha (virology), Urdhvaang (Salakya Tantra), Shalya, Drashta (Toxicology), Jara (Chemistry), are available in form of Vajikaran department.

समदोषः समाग्निश्च समधातु मलक्रियाः।
प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमनाः स्वस्थः इत्यभिधीयते ।।

samdoshah samagrisch samadhaatu malakriyah.
Prasannatmendriyamana swasthah ityabhidheeyate.

If all the Doshas of the body, all the Agni are balanced and the excretory activities of the body including the seven dhatu are in the right senses and the mind along with the body are happy, that person is said to be completely healthy.

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