• Human birth process with pre and post event knowledge is explained in “Prasuti Tantra”. As it was described “Garbhopakrama vijnanam sutikopakramastatha.” Prasuti Tantra deals on knowledge and practice of series of events starts from preconception to puerperium.
  • The concept of shreyasi praja ie,. well-formed fetus with good physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual endowments is the major contribution by Ayurveda.
  • The aim of Ahara and Vihara niyama (Diet and life style advise), Garbhadhana samskara, Mano Sankalpa, Putreshti Yagna, are describes before conception for healthy progeny. Followed by normal and abnormal development of Garbha and there disorders are described which mimics the modern development the foetus.
  • Stri Roga deals with normal and abnormal condition, prevention of diseases, and management of all the Gynecological disorders since from Rutu srava (menarche) till Rajonivruthi (menopause).
  • The recent advancement in contemporary Gynecology has been incorporated in correlation with certain Yonivyapad, Artava and Jataharini.

Vision & mission

  • The main focus of the department is to make the students aware of the fundamentals of obstetric and gynaecological diseases.
  • The department educates students regarding pre conception counseling, ante-natal, natal, post-natal care and surgical procedures.

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