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Gorakshpeethadhishwar Brahmalin Mahant Avedyanath Ji Maharaj


President - Gorakshpeethadheeshvar Mahant Yogi Adityanath Ji Maharaj



The descent of Ayurveda is an essential part of the creation of the universe. Ayurveda is the science of keeping the Panchmahabhuta in the right sense, not only in human life, while nurturing nature since time immemorial, encompassing the purpose of protecting human interest and health. In fact, even in nature, to keep the Panchmahabhuta in the right sense, this method has been adorned with the name of Ayurveda.

The ancient saints have researched ways for how to harmonize nature in scientific, practical and health friendly ways in human life. In which, considering Bhagwan Dhanvantari as the vital element of Ayurveda, the compiled knowledge of Acharya Charak, Acharya Sushruta and Maharishi Vagbhatta has been called Brihattrayi texts. In which the Charaka Samhita propounded by Acharya Charaka, the Sushruta Samhita composed by Acharya Sushruta, the Ashtangahridayam compiled by Maharishi Vagbhatta are important.

Acharya Charak has given a detailed description of medicine through Charaka Samhita. In the Sushruta Samhita composed by Acharya Sushruta, the detailed dimensions and routes of surgery have been described. Maharishi Vagbhatta covers all the eight parts of Ayurveda, including pharmacology and surgical knowledge, including Kayachikitsa, Kaumabhritya, Graha (virology), Urdhvaang (Shalakya Tantra), Shalya, Drishta (Toxicology), Jara (chemistry), Vajikaran. The description is done on contextual parameters.

In the Ayurveda tradition, the influence of science and spirituality is reflected in the present period as well. That is why the following verse with its full sense and complete meaning remains the symbol of the worshiper of Ayurveda.

न त्वंह कामये राज्यं न स्वर्ग नापुनर्भवम्।
कामये दुःखतप्तानां प्राणिनामार्तिनाशनम् ।।


Na Twaham Kamaye Rajjayam na Swarg na Punarbhvam
Kamaye Dukhttaptanam Praninamartinashanam

Oh God! I have no desire for kingdom, no desire for heaven and happiness and no desire for liberation. The only wish is that the suffering of the sufferers should end.

Ayurveda Medication:-

In Ayurveda, medicine has been given mainly keeping in mind two objectives, first for the protection of the health of a healthy person and secondly for the prevention of diseases.

“Swasthasya Swastha Rakshanam Aturasya Vikar Prashamanam Cha” Ayurveda medicine is described keeping these purposes in mind.

In this too, various efforts to provide longevity to a healthy person while keeping them completely healthy have been described in Ayurveda scriptures.

The main principles in the present-day medical theories of the ill effects of today's various medical method is

“ Prevention is better than Cure”

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